Business and Soft Skills e-Courses

Knowledge Horizon's e-Courses
With excellent experience of developing courses in the field of management and soft skills, Knowledge Horizon is continuously enriching its offerings in the form of e.Learning Courses. A qualified and experienced team comprising of Subject Matter Experts, Instructional Designers and Graphic Artists produce pedagogically sound e.Learning content. We work very closely with our valued clients in order to understand each aspect of their requirements with the help of Training Needs Analysis tools.
The Knowledge Horizon e-Advantage
•  Focus on content development based on target audience requirements by using sound instructional strategies,

interactivities, and assessments.
•  Localisation of content suited to the target audience so that it is sensitive to culture, ethical, and social values of the Middle East .
•  Focus on Blended Learning solutions based on the learner's established knowledge level.

Key features
• Scratch cards
• Internationally recognised certificates from City & Guilds upon successful completion of certain courses
• Courses in English and Arabic
• Plugged in training videos
• Suitable for management, supervisory and operative levels
• High level of interactivity using a variety of media
• Glossary and job aids

Our e-Courses:
•  Leadership Skills
•  Delegation
•  Presentation Skills
•  Customer Service
•  Customer Care
•  Communication Skills
•  Planning & Organising
•  Negotiation Skills
•  Problem Solving
•  Decision Making
•  Organisational Behaviour & Change     Management
•  Human Resource Planning
•  Strategic Management
•  Time Management
•  High Performance Team
•  Personal Development
•  Performance Maximisation
•  Managing the Market
•  Strategic Marketing
•  Managing Change
•  Follow up
•  Information Monitoring
•  Adaptability
•  Quality Orientation
•  Information Management Systems
•  Financial Management
•  Managing Information
•  Managing Teams
•  Quality Management
•  Managing Finance
•  Text Processing
•  Interpersonal Business Skills
•  Communication and Task Management
•  Office Procedures
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