Duration:  1 day

Course Overview 
An introduction to the essentials of safety on construction sites and projects, including the need for risk assessments on all operations, an understanding of the basic requirements of the CDM Regulations.  

Who the Course is For 
The course is aimed at designers who need to have a better understanding of their legal obligations under the CDM Regulations.  

Course Objectives 
On successful completion of the course the delegate will be able to - 

  • Understand the main principles of accident causation.  
  • Identify common hazards and assess risks relating to construction work.  
  • Apply the basic principles of Construction site safety to assist all persons.  
  • Understand the basic requirements of health and safety law as applied to construction.  
  • Understand the principles of Construction site safety inspections, hazard recognition, accident investigations and risk assessments.  
  • Understand the legal requirements of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations  
  • Understand the legal implications of the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999, Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and the 6 Pack

On successful completion of this course the delegate will receive a Caspian Safe Certificate.
»  Health and safety first principles
»  Principles of coshh (control of substances     hazardous to health)
»  Risk assessment priciples and practice
»  Stress awareness
»  Confined spaces entry/rescue training     course
»  Noise at work
»  Site safety orientation
»  Chemical handling, identification and spill     containment
»  Electrical safety
»  Gas testing and noise monitoring
»  Safe handling and storage of gas cylinders
»  Confined space awareness for managers
»  Construction safety management briefing
»  Construction safety management
»  Contol of substances hazardous to health
»  Electrical safety for managers &     supervisors
»  Food hygiene training – “kitchen care”
»  Risk assessment in practice
»  Risk assessment of manual handling     operations
»  Safe systems of work & permits to work     performing authority
»  Safe systems of work & permits to work     area authority
»  Safe working at heights
»  Warehouse safety
»  Waste minimisation management
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