Course Key Facts: 

Duration:  1 day

Course Overview 
Waste minimisation and careful management can reduce significant costs to your organisation, increase profits and protect the environment. These are key factors in gaining a more competitive edge in the market place.  

Producer responsibility for packaging waste requires companies with a turnover of more than? 2 million who handle more than 50 tonnes of packaging to recover and recycle a set percentage of packaging waste. Companies can reduce their obligation by reducing the amount of packaging they handle. Space for landfill is rapidly running out and tighter regulation means that many waste products are difficult to get rid of. All organisations need to prepare for forthcoming changes.  

Who the course is for 
This course has been designed for staff who are responsible for waste management and its reduction in compliance with their organisation's policy, legislation and best practice.  

Course Objectives 
To ensure that people in positions of responsibility understand relevant legislation concerning waste management, efficient waste minimisation and prevention in order to reduce costs.  

Learning Outcomes 
On successful completion of the course delegates should be able to -  

  • Understand forthcoming legislation concerning waste management and its implications for the organisation
  • Manage the organisation's waste efficiently, reduce and minimise waste and emissions at source  
  • Implement effective methods of reuse and recycling  
  • Staff awareness of waste management  
  • Techniques and technology to deal with waste

Course Content 
Waste Minimisation & Management comprises:  

  • Forthcoming legislation and its implications  
  • Effective management of waste and its minimisation  
  • Role of reuse and recycling  
  • Staff awareness  
Techniques and technology
»  Health and safety first principles
»  Principles of coshh (control of substances     hazardous to health)
»  Risk assessment priciples and practice
»  Stress awareness
»  Confined spaces entry/rescue training     course
»  Noise at work
»  Site safety orientation
»  Chemical handling, identification and spill     containment
»  Electrical safety
»  Gas testing and noise monitoring
»  Safe handling and storage of gas cylinders
»  Confined space awareness for managers
»  Construction safety management briefing
»  Construction safety management
»  Contol of substances hazardous to health
»  Electrical safety for managers &     supervisors
»  Food hygiene training – “kitchen care”
»  Risk assessment in practice
»  Risk assessment of manual handling     operations
»  Safe systems of work & permits to work     performing authority
»  Safe systems of work & permits to work     area authority
»  Safe working at heights
»  Warehouse safety
»  Waste minimisation management
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