This Training is designed for any Person in the company who is likely to operate inside or around confined spaces.

Who should attend?
• Any personnel involved with confined spaces work or potential rescuers.

What will they learn?
• How to identify and control/eliminate hazards in and around Confined Spaces, as well as, how to operate safely within a Confined Space work environment.

Training Objectives:
• Definition of confined space
• Hazards and Dangers associated with confined spaces
• Characteristics of confined space
• Safe operating procedures in confined spaces
• Duties of the support personnel for confined spaces
• Understand the Permit to work system (PTW)
• Practical confined space entry/rescue (horizontal and vertical).
• Emergency procedures and rescue of personnel in confined spaces
• Inspection, donning, doffing, and use of Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) or Supplied Air System (SAS) in normal operation and in emergency rescue conditions.

Course Duration
• 2 Days

• Practical assessments

• Certificate of attendance.

Number of Students:
• 8-16 Students per course

»  Health and safety first principles
»  Principles of coshh (control of substances     hazardous to health)
»  Risk assessment priciples and practice
»  Stress awareness
»  Confined spaces entry/rescue training     course
»  Noise at work
»  Site safety orientation
»  Chemical handling, identification and spill     containment
»  Electrical safety
»  Gas testing and noise monitoring
»  Safe handling and storage of gas cylinders
»  Confined space awareness for managers
»  Construction safety management briefing
»  Construction safety management
»  Contol of substances hazardous to health
»  Electrical safety for managers &     supervisors
»  Food hygiene training – “kitchen care”
»  Risk assessment in practice
»  Risk assessment of manual handling     operations
»  Safe systems of work & permits to work     performing authority
»  Safe systems of work & permits to work     area authority
»  Safe working at heights
»  Warehouse safety
»  Waste minimisation management
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