Training Objectives and Expected Outcomes:
This course is designed to introduce offshore operators to the philosophy and underpinning knowledge behind Major Emergency Management onsite.

Objectives are to train personnel through theory, simulation and practical demonstration in the techniques of Major Emergency Management.
To review and test company procedures related to Emergency Response.

To identify any areas of deficiency in Emergency Response (site specific)
Increase awareness of Asset Loss Prevention

Course Content:

  Emergency Management Philosophy   Emergency Response Procedures
  Roles and Responsibilities   Leadership and Team Management
  Information Management   Communications
  Command and Control   Dealing with Stress

Participants will be required to attend theory sessions and demonstrate knowledge and understanding through tabletop sessions.

Participants will also be observed using Caspian Safe emergency management simulator, throughout the training syllabus participants will be encouraged to contribute in feedback and debrief sessions.

All participants will be observed on performance and understanding and will receive a certificate of attendance, assessments on nominated personnel are conducted as required and on clients request.

Course Duration: 2 days

»  Major Incident Management (MIM)
»  Major Emergency Management (MEM)
»  Offshore Installation Manager Coaching and     Assessment (OIM)
»  Control Room Operator Coaching and     Assessment (CRO)
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