Course Aim
This course is designed to reinforce and support Incident Management Team members, in particular Incident Commander and Operations Section Chiefs to the required skills and knowledge to perform duties as part of the Incident Management Team (IMT).

To train observe and assess nominated personnel through theory and practical simulation in the techniques of Major Incident Management using the principles of ICS.
To review and test existing company procedures, philosophies and practices related to Emergency & Incident Management.

Course Content

Theory AM Session (approximately 4hrs)
Incident Management Philosophy (overview)
BP Emergency Response Procedures (brief open book discussion)
Individual Team Member Roles and Responsibilities (discussion through Q&A)
Leadership, Team Management & Decision Making Skills
Information Management (IMT Room Layout & Functionality)
Principles of ICS (Command, Control & Communications Techniques)
History and Case Studies (relevant examples of IMT outcomes in the past)

Practical PM Session (3 or 4 by 90min scenarios)
Simulated Incident at an Offshore Facility involving Multiple Casualties, MEDIVAC and Environmental Issues
Simulated Incident at the Onshore Terminal Involving Casualties, involving Local & Governmental Agencies & Responses
Simulated Incident on the Pipe Line involving third party contractors & Governmental Involvement
Simulated Incident at non BP operated site (such as highway and etc.) involving casualties, BP, third parties & Governmental Involvement.

All participants will be observed and assessed on performance against approved assessment and observation criteria in accordance with industry standards, and will receive a certificate of attendance, practical training simulations will be recorded to DVD for future reference from BP training department.

No specific pre-requisites exist for this course although it is preferable that attendees have worked as part of the Incident Management Team, and attended in-house IMT training (i.e. IMT Foundation and IMT OSR Process Familiarisation sessions.). Nominated members of the AzSPU Crisis Management and Emergency Response (CMER) Team must participate in observation and assessment process.

Course Duration
The course is designed to be conducted over a two day program, with theory sessions in the morning of day one and practical simulated scenarios being held in the afternoon session of day one and across day two.

Method of Training
This proposed training program is on completion of phase one of the initial BP IMT training sessions currently conducted by AzSPU CM&ER Team, where BP principles and protocols are outlined by internal training staff; participants attending this program will be required to take part in theory sessions and demonstrate knowledge and understanding through simulated practical training scenarios.

Throughout the training syllabus participants will be encouraged to contribute in feedback and debrief sessions.
All training material will be in line with industry best practices and customized for BP operations

»  Major Incident Management (MIM)
»  Major Emergency Management (MEM)
»  Offshore Installation Manager Coaching and     Assessment (OIM)
»  Control Room Operator Coaching and     Assessment (CRO)
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