Aims:  To ensure that personnel who work aboard marine vessels and craft are familiar with the actions to be taken and procedures to be followed during an emergency situation.
Objectives:  upon completion of the course students should be able to demonstrate:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the procedures to be followed in the event of an emergency
  • Demonstrate the correct methods of use of basic survival equipment such as survival suits, life jackets, life rafts and lifeboats
  • Demonstrate understanding of the correct methods for boarding lifeboats and life rafts
  • Demonstrate the correct methods for using a scramble (cargo) net


Safety Induction

  • Pre-flight, in-flight and on-landing procedures
  • Helicopter emergencies
  • Actions in preparation for helicopter emergency landing
  • Evacuation via a nominated exit after a controlled emergency landing

Sea Survival
a. Abandonment Procedures
b. Means of Escape
c. Life raft and TEMPSC emergency equipment
d. Types of Lifejackets
e. Step Off procedure
a. Water Entry Procedures
b. In -water survival techniques
c. Boarding and disembarking from marine life raft

Course Duration:  1 day
»  BP approved Company Specific Offshore     Survival (including HUET element)
»  Sea Survival Training
»  Basic Offshore Survival Induction and     Emergency Training (BOSIET)
»  Further Offshore Emergency Training     (FOET)
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