SEA SURVIVALS TRAINING / Basic Offshore Survival Induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET)

Safety Induction:
Course introduction
Offshore overview, Offshore environment, Offshore hazards
Hazard consequences and control measures
Major incident hazards
Personal responsibility for safety
Regulating offshore safety
Industry aims and vision
Living and working offshore

Helicopter Safety / HUET:
Check in procedures
Lifejacket & Emergency Breathing System Equipment (EBS)
Helicopter boarding
In flight/ Prior to landing/ Disembarking
Helicopter safety requirements
Emergency landing on land
Surface evacuation
Under water escape
Types of EBS
Surface evacuation

Sea Survival
Emergency situations
PPE for evacuation and escape
Various types of TEMPSC
Passenger duties
Lifeboat launching procedures
In water survival techniques
Location aids
Search & Rescue
Principles of First Aid
Delegates to practice & demonstrate CPR procedure and recovery position
Bleeding control

Fire Fighting & Self Rescue:
Conditions required for fires to occur
Fire hazard and spread of fire
Classification of fires
Extinguishing agents
Fire detection systems
Actions in case of fire
Self rescue techniques
Escape exercises in smoke house

Course Duration: 3 days

»  BP approved Company Specific Offshore     Survival (including HUET element)
»  Sea Survival Training
»  Basic Offshore Survival Induction and     Emergency Training (BOSIET)
»  Further Offshore Emergency Training     (FOET)
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